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The changing times are also affecting standardization. It was not too long ago that standards were written on typewriters and changes had to be made using scissors and glue. Thanks to the rapid development of computer and software technology, these archaic tools have now given way to electronic data processing - for the benefit of all concerned. And the use of the latest computing and communications technologies has suddenly opened up entirely new opportunities both in the preparation, processing and use of standardization documents as well as in the cooperation within and between the different bodies. If standardization wishes to maintain its strong social reputation, it must embrace digital transformation and align itself to the new requirements for products and services in a forward-looking way.

Standardization 2020 is a change process and an integrated digital approach to electrotechnical standardization.

The DKE has therefore launched its 2020 Standardization programme, representing a new era of standardization for products, services and applications throughout the field of electrical engineering, electronics and information technology. Unlimited safety for people, animals, objects, maximum quality standards in the production and application of electrical products and in the distribution of energy are the supreme goals of standardization. To ensure that this remains the case in the future, these goals must be fully translated into the digital world and supported by appropriate procedures. Standardization 2020 represents a melting pot of ideas, a discussion platform and a driving force, all aimed at putting the necessary permanent measures into place in close cooperation with our experts in specific individual projects. Supported by the latest technical methods, the focus of Standardization 2020 is on the strategic orientation and continuous improvement of all products, services and processes serving the digital world, for the benefit of standards and technical experts. The results of Standardization 2020 are opening up new opportunities for the rapid dissemination of technical knowledge and for promoting innovation all over the world. It is all about taking responsibility, seizing the initiative and spotting opportunities - as a means of helping standardization to shape forward-looking change.

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