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Mountains symbolize stability, permanence and timelessness. The changes which occur are scarcely perceptible and take place over long periods. Currents are responsible for this - flows of substances like water, ice or wind which cause erosion. However, the resulting friction or electrochemical processes can also give rise to electrical currents in the form of earth currents which drift around above all in the upper crust.

It is human nature to take unsatisfactory circumstances and try and change them - a trait which also fosters progress. Such progress results in innovation - and there are close links between innovation and standardization. One of the DKE's tasks is therefore to recognize innovative and forward-looking issues which are of great significance for our economy and where there is need for standardization. The DKE stages a wide variety of events for just this purpose. Get-togethers such as the DKE Conference, the Call-for-Experts for standardization roadmaps, committee meetings and technical meetings provide the technical experts with plenty of opportunity to share their knowledge and experience. For the benefit of all.

Bild Jens Viebranz

Jens Viebranz
Project Manager DKE

“The online communication strategy represents the logical continuation of the DKE mission and implements its core values of dialogue, competence and commitment.”