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INDUSTRY The 7th sense of ants

Ants feature prominently in any consideration of swarm intelligence. Their success is characterized above all by their high degree of networking and extreme cooperation. Researchers have found that certain species of ant apparently possess electroreceptors, i.e. sensory organs which allow them to perceive electric fields. Charge flows exert such an attraction on these creatures that they even forget about foraging for food.

In their little world, ants have adjusted optimally to circumstances through a process of continuous adaptation, and have achieved maximum efficiency through sensible organization and division of labour. Industry is confronted daily with new challenges: it must adapt its processes, optimize and innovate if it wants to remain competitive. An important prerequisite for this is standardization. Mandatory reviews of the safety and environmental performance of products can be carried out on the basis of generally accepted rules of technology. A lack of confidence in products, services and new technologies would render the rapid introduction of innovations unthinkable.

Bild Reinhold Pichler

Reinhold Pichler
Head of DKE Competence Centre Industry 4.0

"Standardization and consensus-based standards make a significant contribution to the success of industry 4.0. It is important to incorporate consortium standards, to promote responsive standardization, to intensify international networking and to participate actively in development-related standardization."