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IEC system committees

The first two IEC system committees started their work in parallel to the established technical committees under the Standardization Management Board (SMB) of the IEC. They liaise between the existing bodies and identify and address the cross-cutting standardization topics.


AAL Logo The first system committee established by the SMB was the "Active Assisted Living" SyC. It was set up to support and accelerate the commercial launch of AAL solutions.

The body met for the first time in Frankfurt in March 2015, signalling the start of active standardization in the AAL environment. AAL covers a wide range of fields from smart home applications through to medical engineering.

The task of the "Active Assisted Living" system committee will be to professionalize AAL systems through standardization and thus strengthen the emerging market. An important part of the work is to identify gaps in standardization and areas of demand based on market trends and requirements. Particular importance is attached to cooperating with existing and future committees and organizations.

The system committee is planning to speed up standardization in the AAL environment and to promote the availability and accessibility of AAL systems and services. A further aim is to achieve cross-vendor interoperability of AAL systems and products. To achieve this, the system committee has set up specific working groups on issues such as interoperability and reference architecture, quality aspects and user requirements.


The second IEC system committee - "Smart Energy" - has an equally large field of activity. In order to optimize, network and control smart grids, the committee must serve as a point of contact for all standardization issues in this domain.

Yet smart networks are much more than just electricity grids. Electricity, gas, water and heat supplies are intelligently combined. The "Smart Energy" system committee provides answers and solutions for the following areas:

  • Smart Meters and Smart Home
  • Decentralized energy generation
  • Load management and distribution automation
  • Interface definition for information security, data protection, electromobility and Power2Gas, water, heat etc.

The committee regards Smart Energy as an intelligent energy and control system of intelligent generators, storage facilities, consumers and transport equipment, supported by information, communication and automation technologies. The committee specifically defines high-level requirements for interfaces and functional requirements that can include the domains of several standardization bodies.

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