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As part of its efforts to promote budding engineers, the DKE has invested a great deal over the years both in the future of standardization work and in the promotion of young talent. We support students in their diploma, Bachelor's or Master's theses, not only by offering technical and normative but also financial assistance.

As in previous years, a number of students were again supported in 2015. The range of topics extended from sustainable energy supply through to gesture-based robot control. By November 2015 three graduates had completed their theses and were given the opportunity to present them. The jury, consisting of the attending supervisors and VDE employees, had the task of selecting the best thesis. The solution-finding process was evaluated, for example, as were the objectives achieved, the presentation and the benefit to the DKE. Mr Colin de Vrieze managed to convince the jury in these regards and was declared the winner of the first prize in the 2015 STS Programme based on his academic excellence, his practical implementation and the direct connection pf his topic to standardization. Congratulations to the proud winner! In his thesis entitled "Design and implementation of a bidirectional power line communication system for intelligent lighting systems" he developed and evaluated a complete system design which can be used for the intelligent control of lighting systems based on existing wiring.

Our thanks also go, of course, to Messrs Tomaj Najafi and Andreas Kunze, whose submissions were also well received by the appropriate bodies. Mr. Kunze's thesis "Status monitoring of an HRC fuse" evaluated a diagnostic method for monitoring high-voltage high-current fuses, thereby helping to prevent uncontrolled blowing of the fuses. In his thesis entitled "DC networks in the energy supply" Mr. Najafi examined the feasibility of using DC voltage in the low voltage range and compared different approaches.

All the participants were able to benefit from the theses and gained new insights. We would like to wish them all every success in their careers and all the best for the future!
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