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Connecting Communities – Reinvent Standardization: DKE to host the 80th IEC General Meeting in Frankfurt

The 80th IEC General Meeting from 10 to 14 October 2016 in Frankfurt am Main will be the top electrical engineering event in the global standardization calendar. This will be the sixth time that the German IEC Committee in the form of the DKE has hosted this major event. It reflects the importance of the German electrical industry and the strong reputation it enjoys worldwide.

Over 120 technical committees have registered to attend the conference, with up to 2.500 technical experts participating and forming the nucleus of the efforts to advance current standardization projects. As usual at the general meeting, all the IEC governing bodies will be convening and, in addition to the strategic and political issues, will also be discussing the future of standardization - with "Connecting Communities - Reinvent Standardization" on the agenda.

Exciting and interactive social events will make for an inspiring dialogue within the IEC community. In addition, the DKE as host will be presenting a further, new dimension - the Reinvention Laboratory - for the first time.

The standardization system is undergoing a period of change, not least because of the all-embracing digitization of our world. Against this background, the Reinvention Laboratory will provide a platform for presenting, discussing and promoting a wide variety of standardization policy ideas and concepts, strategies and visions - allowing them to become part of a development that will provide solid results in global electrotechnical standardization in the future and, not least, give the electrical engineering industry a solid basis for the further development of markets.

The 80th IEC General Meeting in 2016 is set to be a very special occasion, which is due in no small part to the sponsors. As part of the specially developed, added-value sponsorship packages they are making both a financial and also a substantive commitment to the success of this unique major event.

The 80th IEC General Meeting is being managed and developed by the highly committed DKE project team. The 40 or so team members have been working since the end of 2014 on ensuring that the upcoming event is an exceptional international event

The DKE President, Roland Bent, and the DKE Managing Director, Michael Teigeler, were handed the baton at the 2015 IEC General Meeting in Minsk where they used a presentation film and the launch of the official event website to give a first taste of the IEC General Meeting in 2016 in Frankfurt.

You can find all the latest details and further information about the 80th IEC General Meeting 2016 on the website at