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Ausblick - Elektrizität als Dünger?

At the beginning of the 20th century science took an intensive interest in electroculture. This was a collection of methods aimed at positively influencing plant growth and crop yields through the use of electricity. And indeed, cabbage plants which had been treated with electricity yielded heads of cabbage that were more than twice the size of the conventionally grown plants of the previous year. In addition to the increased yield, the reduced need for water and prolonged period of use represented further benefits.

People have been exploiting electricity - be it of natural origin or artificially generated - for many decades: to make work easier, for health and entertainment and countless other purposes. They have developed and improved a great deal, but have also always had to be mindful of the dangers involved. The DKE network allows researchers and developers to sit down at the same table with manufacturers and standardizers or authorities. They all have a stake in our modern understanding of safe living, with: STANDARDIZATION NETWORKING THE FUTURE!

Bild Michael Teigeler

Michael Teigeler
DKE Managing Director

"Our biggest challenge is change - we don't just want to react to it, we want to actively shape it."